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Results for the letter " C "

Scientific name  
Callicarpa bodinieri Profusion
Callicarpa bodinieri
Callicarpa dichotoma
Calluna vulgaris Alexandra
Calluna vulgaris Annemarie
Calluna vulgaris Beauty Gold
Calluna vulgaris Beoley Gold
Calluna vulgaris Dark Beauty
Calluna vulgaris Dark Star
Calluna vulgaris Elsie Purnell
Calluna vulgaris Gold Haze
Calluna vulgaris J.H. Hamilton
Calluna vulgaris Kinlochruel
Calluna vulgaris Long White
Calluna vulgaris Melanie
Calluna vulgaris Red Star
Calluna vulgaris Sandy
Calluna vulgaris Silver Queen
Calluna vulgaris Underwoodii
Calocedrus decurrens Aureovariegata
Calocedrus decurrens Variegata
Calocedrus decurrens
Calycanthus floridus
Calycanthus fragrans
Calycanthus praecox
Camellia japonica
Campsis radicans
Campsis X tagliabuana Flamingo
Campsis X tagliabuana Indian Summer
Campsis X tagliabuana Kudian
Campsis X tagliabuana Mme Galen
Caragana arborescens Pendula
Caragana arborescens Walker
Caragana arborescens
Carpinus betulus Fastigiata
Carpinus betulus Frans Fontaine
Carpinus betulus Monumentalis
Carpinus betulus Pendula
Carpinus betulus Pyramidalis
Carpinus betulus Quercifolia
Carpinus betulus
Carpinus japonica Monumentalis
Carpinus japonica
Carpinus polyneura
Caryopteris x clandonensis Heavenly Blue
Caryopteris x clandonensis Kew Blue
Caryopteris x clandonensis Worcester Gold
Castanea sativa Annys Summer Red
Castanea sativa Asplenifolia
Castanea sativa Aureomarginata
Castanea sativa Aureovariegata
Castanea sativa Heterophylla
Castanea sativa Laciniata
Castanea sativa Lyon
Castanea sativa Marsol
Castanea sativa Variegata
Castanea sativa
Castanea vesca
Catalpa bignonioides Aurea
Catalpa bignonioides Nana
Catalpa bignonioides
Catalpa bungei
Ceanothus Victoria
Ceanothus impressus Victoria
Ceanothus thyrsiflorus var. repens
Ceanothus x delilianus Gloire de Versailles
Cedrela sinensis
Cedrus atlantica Aurea
Cedrus atlantica Fastigiata
Cedrus atlantica Glauca
Cedrus atlantica Glauca Pendula
Cedrus atlantica Pendula
Cedrus atlantica
Cedrus brevifolia
Cedrus deodara Feelin Blue
Cedrus deodara Golden Horizon
Cedrus deodara Pendula
Cedrus deodara Prostata
Cedrus deodara Verticillata Glauca
Cedrus deodara
Cedrus libani Atlantica Aurea
Cedrus libani Atlantica Fastigiata
Cedrus libani Atlantica Pendula
Cedrus libani Aurea Robusta
Cedrus libani Glauca
Cedrus libani Glauca Pendula
Cedrus libani Heemstede
Cedrus libani Nana
Cedrus libani Stenocoma
Cedrus libani
Cedrus libani subsp. Stenocoma
Cedrus libani subsp. atlantica
Cedrus libani subsp. brevifolia
Celtis australis
Celtis julianae
Celtis occidentalis
Cephalotaxus drupacea
Cephalotaxus harringtonia
Cercidiphyllum japonicum Pendulum
Cercidiphyllum japonicum
Cercis canadensis Appelachian Red
Cercis siliquastrum
Cercis yunnanensis
Chaenomeles japonica Sargentii
Chaenomeles japonica
Chaenomeles lagenaria Nivalis
Chaenomeles lagenaria Umbilicata
Chaenomeles maulei Alpina
Chaenomeles maulei
Chaenomeles speciosa Nivalis
Chaenomeles speciosa Umbilicata
Chaenomeles x superba Boule de Feu
Chaenomeles x superba Crimson and Gold
Chaenomeles x superba Fire Dance
Chaenomeles x superba Hollandia
Chaenomeles x superba Jet Trail
Chaenomeles x superba Nicoline
Chaenomeles x superba Pink Lady
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Alumii
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Columnaris
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Columnaris Glauca
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Ellwoods Choice
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Ellwoods Gold
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Ellwoodii
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Globosa
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Intertexta
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Ivonne
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Minima Glauca
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Pelts Blue
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Stardust
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Van Pelts Blue
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana White Spot
Chamaecyparis nootkatensis Aurea
Chamaecyparis nootkatensis Glauca
Chamaecyparis nootkatensis Pendula
Chamaecyparis obtusa Chimaani-hiba
Chamaecyparis obtusa Coralliformis
Chamaecyparis obtusa Crippsii
Chamaecyparis obtusa Kamaani-hiba
Chamaecyparis obtusa Pygmaea
Chamaecyparis obtusa Torulosa
Chamaecyparis obtusa Tsatsumi
Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Nana Gracilis'
Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Pygmaea Chimo Hiba'
Chamaecyparis pisifera Argenteovariegata
Chamaecyparis pisifera Boulevard
Chamaecyparis pisifera Cyanoviridis
Chamaecyparis pisifera Filifera Aurea
Chamaecyparis pisifera Filifera Aurea Nana
Chamaecyparis pisifera Filifera Nana
Chamaecyparis pisifera Golden Mop
Chamaecyparis pisifera Goldzwerg
Chamaecyparis pisifera Plumosa Aurea
Chamaecyparis pisifera Sungold
Chimonanthus praecox
Chionanthus virginicus
Chitalpa tashkentensis Pink Dawn
Chitalpa tashkentensis
Choisya Aztec Pearl
Choisya ternata
Cladastris kentukea
Cladastris lutea
Clerodendrum trichotomum
Clethra alnifolia
Cornus Eddies White Wonder
Cornus alba Argenteomarginata
Cornus alba Atrosanguinea
Cornus alba Elegantissima
Cornus alba Gouchaultii
Cornus alba Kesselringii
Cornus alba Koralle
Cornus alba Sibirica
Cornus alba Sibirica Variegata
Cornus alba Westonbirt
Cornus alba
Cornus alternifolia
Cornus amomum
Cornus brachypoda
Cornus canadensis
Cornus controversa Variegata
Cornus controversa
Cornus florida Cherokee Chief
Cornus florida Cherokee Sunset
Cornus florida Rainbow
Cornus florida Rubra
Cornus florida Sunset
Cornus florida
Cornus florida f. rubra
Cornus kousa China Girl
Cornus kousa Miss Satomi
Cornus kousa National
Cornus kousa New Red
Cornus kousa Rosabella
Cornus kousa Satomi
Cornus kousa
Cornus kousa var. chinensis
Cornus mas Variegata
Cornus mas
Cornus mascula
Cornus nuttallii Eddies White Wonder
Cornus paniculata
Cornus racemosa
Cornus sanguinea Anny,
Cornus sanguinea Winter Beauty
Cornus sanguinea Winter Flame
Cornus sanguinea
Cornus sericea Flaviramea
Cornus sericea Kelseyi
Cornus sericea Kelseyi Dwarf
Cornus stolonifera Flaviramea
Cornus stolonifera Kelseyi
Corylopsis pauciflora
Corylopsis spicata
Corylus Fertile de Nottinghan
Corylus Géante de Halle
Corylus Grosse Zellernuss
Corylus Hallesche Riesen
Corylus Merveille de Bollweiler
Corylus Nottinghan Frühe
Corylus Pearsons Prolific
Corylus Webbs Prize Cobb
Corylus Wonder aus Bollweiler
Corylus avellana Annys Red Dwarf
Corylus avellana Atropurpurea
Corylus avellana Aurea
Corylus avellana Contorta
Corylus avellana Heterophylla
Corylus avellana Laciniata
Corylus avellana Pendula
Corylus avellana Purpurea
Corylus avellana Rote Zellernuss
Corylus avellana
Corylus colurna Te-Terra Red
Corylus colurna
Corylus maxima Purpurea
Corylus maxima
Cotinus coggygria Foliis Purpureis
Cotinus coggygria Kanari
Cotinus coggygria Royal Purple
Cotinus coggygria Rubrifolia
Cotinus coggygria Rubrifolius
Cotinus coggygria
Cotinus coggygria Rubrifolius Group
Cotoneaster applanatus
Cotoneaster bullatus
Cotoneaster dammeri Eicholz
Cotoneaster dammeri Oakwood
Cotoneaster dammeri
Cotoneaster dielsianus
Cotoneaster divaricatus
Cotoneaster franchetti
Cotoneaster horizontalis Darts Splendid
Cotoneaster horizontalis
Cotoneaster lacteus
Cotoneaster lucidus
Cotoneaster radicans Eicholz
Cotoneaster radicans Oakwood
Cotoneaster simonsii
Cotoneaster wardii
Cotoneaster x suecicus Coral beauty
Cotoneaster x suecicus Skogholm
Crataegus coccinea
Crataegus crus-galli
Crataegus laevigata Coccinea Plena
Crataegus laevigata Pauls Scarlet
Crataegus laevigata paulii
Crataegus monogyna Stricta
Crataegus monogyna
Crataegus pedicellata
Crataegus prunifolia Splendens
Crataegus x grignonensis
Crataegus x lavalleei Carrierei
Crataegus x media Pauls Scarlet
Crataegus x mordenensis Toba
Crataegus x persimilis Splendens
Cryptomeria japonica Barabits Gold
Cryptomeria japonica Cristata
Cryptomeria japonica Dacrydioides
Cryptomeria japonica Elegans Viridis
Cryptomeria japonica Gracilis
Cryptomeria japonica Hungarian Gold
Cryptomeria japonica Rasen
Cryptomeria japonica Vilmoriniana
Cupressocyparis ( x) leylandii Castlewellan
Cupressocyparis ( x) leylandii Castlewellan Gold
Cupressocyparis ( x) leylandii Galway Gold
Cupressocyparis ( x) leylandii Gold rider
Cupressocyparis ( x) leylandii
Cupressus arizonica Fastigiata
Cupressus arizonica Glauca
Cydonia japonica
Cydonia oblonga
Cytisus Boskoop Ruby
Cytisus Hollandia
Cytisus Luna
Cytisus Red Favourite
Cytisus Roter Favorit
Cytisus Windlesham Ruby
Cytisus Zeelandia
Cytisus decumbens
Cytisus scoparius
Cytisus x kewensis
Cytisus x praecox Albus
Cytisus x praecox Allgold
Cytisus x praecox